Braun series 7 and Series 5 Shavers, A brief Overview

Braun is the brand known for the best electric shavers. The Braun shavers primarily produced three series of shavers. The Braun series has following set of series

1. Braun series 3 Electric shavers

2. Braun series 5 shavers

3. Braun series 7 shavers

Braun Electric Shavers also includes some other shaver series like Braun series of cooltec shavers and Braun Series of Mobile shavers. Braun series 7 shavers are the latest shavers produced by Braun and Braun series 5 & series 3 are its predecessors.

Braun series 7 is considered as the best luxury shaver with most advanced features. Some of the features will be discussed below

Braun series 7 electric shavers

Intelligent Pulsonic Technology in Braun Series 7

Braun series 7 shavers are equipped with a latest technology known as Intelligent Pulsonic Technology. The technology induces a flux of 10K vibrations per second. The vibrations give you some sort of massage while shaving and delivers you closest shave as possible by electric shavers.

Contour Adaptive Shaving Head

The adaptive shaving head adapts according to the shape of face, giving a perfect close shave in the end. We all face the problem of shaving in hard to reach jaw lines and neck areas. The contour adaptive shaver head is to do with hard to reach neck areas.

Moreover, the shaver is equipped with activelift technology that lift the flat lying beards on face and gave you a close shave without any irritation and in comparatively less time. The active lift technology reduce time of shaving by cutting efficiently and save you from irritation as you don’t have to push down your skin for shaving. Activelift technology actively lifts your flat lying beards and redirects them to specially designed optifoil geometry of shaver. Optifoil is the special technology used in Braun series 7 shavers to capture more beards effectively.

Other features of Braun series 7 includes Precision long trimmer to accurately trim your moustache, beards and side burns.

Braun series 7 cleaning and Renew system

The Braun Series 7 Electric shavers are known as the best electric shavers with best cleaning and renew system so far. The cleaning and renew system automates the cleaning of shaver after every shave, it automatically scents the shaver, cleans the shaver according to density of dirt and then automatically lubricates the shaver according to the need. Although Braun Series 7 shavers are water proof and can be used under all conditions. However, it is the luxury feature of these shavers. Additionally Braun Series 7 799cc shaver comes with an additional wet shaving and fast cleaning mode clean and renew system.

All the Braun shavers come with Lithium Ion Batteries with low discharge rate. The maximum battery charging time is 50 minutes. One time charge is enough for a week shave. So the shaver can easily be carried out for some short tours without charger in a travel pouch. Additionally, a quick 5 minute of charging is enough for one shave.

Braun series 5 Shavers 

shavers are cheap in comparison with Series 7 shavers and can be used as alternative of Braun Series 7 shavers. These shavers can be used for thick beards. However, if you have extra ordinary thick beards you may need an alternative.

You may like Philips Electric Shavers as alternative

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