When it comes to parenting it is considered a very important yet a difficult role. People are more likely to be influenced by other parents or by friends and family when it comes to parenting their own child. Some also base their decisions on how they grew up. At times people get frustrated and feel lost or end up second guessing their decisions.

The basic goal of parenting is to have a healthy child with a competent mind and character. According to responsiveness and approach of parents, there are four types of recognized parenting styles listed below:

  1. Authoritative
  2. Neglectful
  3. Permissive
  4. Authoritarian

The most responsive, beneficial and effective of the above is authoritative parenting; it is used by the modern middle-class families. The purpose of authoritative parenting is that the children are supposed to follow a certain set of rules while the parents should be responsive enough towards their problems. This parenting style also improves communication between parents and children and promotes the creation of a healthy environment for a growing child.

Authoritative parenting style enhances the capability of the children to be vocal about their needs and wants, keeping in mind the certain set of rules and their parents’ expectations.

Here are some effective ways listed to be an authoritative parent:

Responsive and Involved

Authoritative parents are demanding and have expectations set for their children to meet with. They are responsive and communicate with clarity on what they want from their child. They keep in mind their child’s ability and make reasonable demands. As like other parents, they are also concerned and strict about their child’s progress but they are also responsive to help in any way when there is a problem.

When it comes to their child’s growth and progress, they are completely involved and work to be helpful when it comes to his/her studies or other activities.

Verbally Active Give and Take

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, which is given the most importance when being an authoritative parent. Performance of house chores and the daily tasks also becomes quite easy with an effective communication. Parents this way also learn about the likes and dislikes of their children and try to know their opinions. This also avoids secrecy.

Praise and Constructive Criticism

A child needs to know that they have their parents support and guidance. Authoritative parents when t comes to criticising their kids do not hesitate. They constructively criticise the lack of interest in studies and other activities. They make sure to let their child know of his poor performance and irresponsibility.

At the same time, they never fall back on appreciating the child for his good deeds and encouragement to do even better.

Freedom with Proper Monitoring

Such a parenting style requires having trust in the child. For the child to become independent and take decisions on his own it is important to grant them reasonable freedom. Authoritative parents also monitor their child’s actions to make sure that they are exercising the freedom in a healthy way.

Limits on Expression of Love

It is important for the parents to express their love towards their children while setting some limits that are not to cross. The love acts as reassurance for the kids and strengthens the parent’s child bond. While the limits prevent them from taking a wrong path.