How December 31st went down with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Didn’t attend this year’s holy event? You can still watch and experience all the glory of the lord as it happened. A lot has happened under the leadership of Pastor Chris.

How the event started
The evening kicked off with a beautiful worship song dedicated to the praise of the name of the lord. After the uplifting start that marked the end of 2017, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made a triumphant entrance with this uplifting shout out encouraging attendees to praise the lord. The crowd was ecstatic and wild to welcome the man of God on stage. As you would expect, it took a while for the crowd to settle down and get back to their seats due to the joy and excitement of the evening.

2017 was a great year for many in the Reverend Pastor Chris’s Church. The ministry experienced a flourishing year in many respects; increased productivity, sustained growth and significant attainments. As a case in point, the ministry distributed over 1.3 billion copies of their monthly publication, Rhapsody of Realities which can be found in over 900 languages. This is a groundbreaking achievement for the church and the body of Christ as a whole because the book is a key tool in spreading the gospel of Christ. A majority of members also spoke of the great impact of Loveworld. The ministry inundated the world with the word of God through various mediums such as radio, TV and across the internet.
Furthermore, the immense impact of the ministry was also discussed. The ministry has been changing the lives of millions of kids through their inner-city missions, initiatives dedicated to reaching out to vulnerable and at-risk children by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, sanitation facilities and healthcare services. Inner-city missions work with a coalition of partners, missionaries and volunteers to reach kids in difficult circumstances in several cities across Nigeria. They have also trained thousands of ministers through the international school of ministry. The school has also helped to bring hope and great tidings to many through their healing school. 2017 was the glorious year of many accomplishments for everyone associated with the Christ embassy. That’s why the end of the year of the event was a moment of great joy and fun to all participants live at the event or those at home following on their computers, TVs or any other electronic medium.

It was a great funfair
There was lots of excitement in the air. Those who participated were just happy to be around. It was an an overjoyous moment to be part of the New Year celebrations. Listening to pastor Chris announcing great tidings for the New Year’s was just exhilarating and exciting for many people. Perhaps the greatest story of the event was the sheer number of people participating. It is not every day that such a great number of people gather in one place to listen to a minster sharing the word of God. Pastor Chris would later say how much this fills his heart with pride and glory. He hopes that Christ will fill many lives and draw sinners to himself in 2018. The Believer’s Loveworld Incorporation (BLW) rung out after a short introduction. Martin PK also came on stage to sing his recent single release, Beautiful Jesus. The effervescent Sinach also sang her song thanking God for the fantastic year that was. The crowd was visibly filled with gratitude as she belted out her song from the pulpit.

The uplifting ending
The curtains of these were closed by Dr. Chris Oyakhilome’s uplifting message from the word of God. He thanked God before an adoring live crowd and many others watching around the world.