Pastor Chris speaks out with dire warning aimed at comedians

For decades comedians have been making light of an of serious subjects. While this may seem innocent and in good fun, many people believe some comedians have taken it too far. Some of the publics favorite comedic bits contain lighthearted to downright cruel attempts to make ridicule of politicians, actors, and other public figures.

One of the most viewed comedic shows on television is entirely based on the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Many people believe this to be disrespectful. If you think that the portrayal of our nation’s leader is disrespectful, then how do you feel of the degradation of the men and women who have devoted their lives to spreading the word of Jesus Christ. The controversial skits that aim to degrade preachers and other religious figures are nothing new but the events have sparked some recent discussions.

Apparently, nothing seems sacred anymore or is it? Some may ask is the comedic roasting of pastors just a joke or is it something more serious. Many believe the later of the two perspectives. Recently one bold pastor stood up for pastors everywhere and spoke against these cruel degradations of character. His message was meant to be a dire warning aimed towards those specific entertainers who ridicule and criticizes men trying to spread the word of God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the spokesperson and overseer of Believers Love Words or you may know it as Christ Embassy International. The church gathers on the first Sunday of every month. During this time he relayed a message which Oyakhilome stated it that the message was sent from God.

The Holy Spirit, Chris Oyakhilome to give a serious warning message specifically aimed at comedians who ridicule pastors and messengers of God. This specific message led by the Holy Spirit stated that comedians should never joke with men of God. He stated that those who do so will suffer from repercussions. He warned not to joke with that which is of a sacred nature and pastors are sacred. He stated that those doing so would be met with consequences.

Chris is the pastor of The Healing School Cyber Church. This church has a focus on the healing and fellowship through Jesus Christ. The Healing School Cyber Church is an online fellowship that is( **another word for)designed to encourage and support you to grow in your relationship with God. Through The Healing School. On The Healing School Cyber Church Website, you can partake in inspirational interactive weekly meetings or send a prayer request.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilomeis the President of Christ Embassy and Believers’ Love World Inc. His energetic and unique sermons help lead a global ministry. His reach doesn’t stop there. He has written several best selling books and hosts a show. He has been spreading the word of God for over 30 years. We can only wonder if comedians will take heed of the warning of this prominent religious leader or will this spark new motivation for more harmful and degrading skits.