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I’m all the time awkwardly asking my teenage niece and nephew ‘how’s school’ and I hate that. I enjoy them at all ages, and I LOVE working with children between three and seven. My Facebook feed is stuffed with hilarious anecdotes from my work day.

My all time favorite was after I requested a 4 yr old boy, while we have been playing area invaders, if he had spotted any dangerous guys robbing banks on Mars. He answered no, but he may see some roller skating on Uranus. I have 4 kids which are grown and fabulous (whew, thank goodness, I know I labored too much on the earth of finance). I assume your life circumstances really determine how a lot you enjoy totally different ages/stages.

Even nowadays, I get nervous around babies, and will solely be around them if their mother or dad is on the scene too. I love weeks 1-four when they’re so new and sleepy and magically helpless and the marvel of their arrival is fresh.

My youngsters are 5 (boy) and three (woman) and so they have turn into best friends, which is what I at all times hoped for when my husband and I decided to have a second. Of course there are fights and and tears however they’ve a bond that I hope will final all through their lives. They are in that stage where every little thing is magic and pretend and they are so so harmless.

I had postpartum after each, and whereas each were fairly straightforward babies I struggled emotionally. Finally after three years I’m feeling the fog of it carry and may sit again and watch them create their little magical worlds.

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I think I get pleasure from them probably the most after I really feel probably the most adept so these should be my good spots. If ANYONE has good questions to ask the set, please pass along.

Then, I’d like a swift fast ahead to after they can sit up and play with issues. The rolly polly new skills all the time months from 8-14 are superior. Then again, quick-forward to 2 years old, skip 3 years old, and land forever in the joyful land of four-7.

I don’t like being around infants for very lengthy, mine or anybody else’s. I always know they could go off like a bomb, at any time, after which after all, they will’t inform you what’s wrong. I spent so many nights up all night attempting to diagnose what was wrong with my son. I was 19 and so afraid and alone, as my husband, a musician, was on the street a lot, and I had no family nearby.

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