The Healing School Looks To Continue The Good Work Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

There are many reasons why those who are afflicted by some form of a medical, spiritual, or mental condition are looking to arrive at The Healing School under the leadership of Chris Oyakhilome in Canada. Pastor Chris is one of the world’s leading Christian leaders who has shown his skills as a healer across a number of different forms, including the live events the Pastor and his Christ Embassy missionaries operate across the planet for those seeking the guidance of the Nigerian-born religious leader; religious leaders from across the world are now seeking to explore the many different options and skills required to become a healer in the same manner as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Initially taking place in South Africa, the annual events now held in Canada for the school are open for all to apply for who wish to ensure they have the best possible options for securing a position at this school teaching individuals about the love and healing power of Christianity. Chris Oyakhilome and his fellow missionaries at the School do not charge those who are looking to learn about the Lord and secure a brighter future for themselves for the future but instead call on their congregation across the planet to come together and donate to the cause of keeping this impressive school open and free of charge to all.

There are many reasons why the individuals of the world have set out to make their way to Canada from across the globe to secure a spot at the Healing School and benefit from the Christian love and guidance of Chris Oyakhilome and his team of trained missionaries. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been at the fore when it comes to bringing the healing love of the Holy Spirit to the people of the world in a way that allows healing to take place in a safe and secure environment.

In order to make their way to the School, those looking to be healed of a medical condition should ensure they assemble papers from their doctors and medical professionals detailing the extent of their illness or condition for assessment by the trained individuals at the School. The Pastor also offers assistance and advice for his healing guests on how to secure the necessary visas and accommodation to make their stay for attending the school as comfortable as possible; in general, attendees at these events are required to attend 18 sessions lasting from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Pastor Chris began his career as one of the world’s leading religious figures in the 1990s when he took advantage of the opening up of satellite technology to broadcast his Nigeria-based television shows to the world starting with a range of networks across Africa. Since the development of his LoveWorld television networks, Chris Oyakhilome has offered his services and sessions to people in Europe and now in North America with the development of the LoveWorld USA cable network. Healing has been a major part of the work of the Pastor and his followers around the world as they set out to help as many people as possible overcome whatever affliction they may face in the present day and the future.