Gifts For The Baby Instead of giving the gift of diapers, baby wipes, or bottles, consider making your own basket to give to a new parent. You can easily add customized decorations and colors, making it one of the best unique baby gifts compared to something that is plain and ordinary. When you choose the basket that you’re going to use, try to find one that matches the gender of the baby. If you don’t know the gender or can’t find the right color, then you could get green, yellow, or paint a white basket with the color that you need. After selecting your basket, choose a theme that you want to use, such as bears, princesses, or circus decorations. You can get stickers that spell out baby terms and phrases as well as stickers that coordinate with the theme that you choose. Fill the basket with tissue paper or filler before adding any of the supplies. Next, start adding the gifts that you want to give to the mother and the baby. Try to include a few items that you know the mother might need after delivery, such as lotions, breast pads, and cocoa butter. A few practical items can be included in the basket, but you want to try to focus on gifts that aren’t often thought of for a shower or for when the mother comes home after having the baby. An idea would be to include a gift that is comical and that generates a thought that is shared between you and the new mother. Other items that you can include in the basket are gift cards for restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores, a gift card for an online subscription, or small packs of coffee for the parents to enjoy during late nights and early mornings. A ribbon is a good item to finish the basket with, but try to use ribbon that coordinates with the gender or the theme.