Blood Drive Day with Trauma Care International: Sponsored by Pastor Chris

Blood Drive Day with Trauma Care International: Sponsored by Pastor Chris

As is tradition, this year’s worldwide Annual Blood Donation Day will be held on June 14. This special day was originally instituted to raise awareness regular needed blood donations all over the world. This year, with the sponsorship of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, the NGO Trauma Care International will hold a huge blood drive in the many Christ Embassy Churches around the globe. Donating blood is something Pastor Chris recommends to his listeners on a regular basis. Doing so, he says, helped provide needed life-saving natural resources to health institutions.

To this specific end, Pastor Chris led Christ Embassy to found Trauma Care International Foundation. The goal of this institution is to provide health and emergency services to those in desperate need of it. The vast majority of its recipients are very poor so the foundation provides its services for free. Every procedure done under their care is subsidized by the foundation. The foundation doesn’t just run a single clinic but is working to create a worldwide network of blood donators. In addition, the institution supports medical research and procedures all over the world.

As a result of his emphasis, his listers have become passionate about giving blood, with many planning to come out on a special day. Come June 14, Pastor Chris is urging all residents of Lagos, Nigeria and surrounding areas to voluntarily give. Those who want to participate on this day are asked to register at Pastor Chris’ concerns are very well founded. All across the world, there is a constant need for more blood for treating a vast variety of health conditions.

This includes treatments for all ages, from newborns to the very elderly. June 14 will see them having places to give in almost every country in the world. The constant demand is currently so extreme that an adequate supply can only be attained if everyone is regularly giving. But while the need is very great and urgent, TCI is always committed to the most quality, patient, and safe practices. And the work of blood donation institutions of all stripes are making positive improvements all across the world. Yet the need is still tremendous.

Don’t hesitate thinking your small input of blood is too insignificant. Every contribution helps. The global event will this year be headquartered in Athens. This is the birthplace of human philosophy and the finest ideals. It is appropriate, then, that this year’s international drive will highlight values like altruism, respect, empathy and kindness which underline and sustain voluntary unpaid blood donation systems. It will focus on stories of specific individuals whose lives were saved because of blood donations. The drive management hopes that such motivation will encourage the growth of the donating population in the future.

The foundation will also pay to help set up donating chapters. They are committed to doing anything that will help. Many people have donated blood at some point in their lives. But there are yet a surprising many who have not. Hopefully, this drive will change that.