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Easy Ways to Improve Word Reading Skills

Strategies to Improve Word Reading Skill in Struggling Readers

Improving reading skills is very important for beginning readers. Children with poor reading skills generally appear to be fluent in reading books. However, he does not understand what he reads, thus, causing disruption of the child’s learning process to the point of having difficulty following lessons at school. If your child has difficulty in reading comprehension, here are some ways to improve reading skills in children:

1. Ask your child to read a book aloud

Reading books aloud encourages children to read more slowly, giving them more time to process what they are reading and in turn improving reading comprehension. Not only does it make children more focused on words, but children can also listen to them. For starters, you and your child can take turns reading aloud.

2. Provide books at the right level

Make sure children who are in school age, get lots of practice reading books that are not too difficult. The child must recognize the words in the book without any help. When children are given books with confusing vocabulary, this will make them stop reading more often, and make them have to look for the meaning of the word first. This makes it difficult for children to focus on the overall meaning of the story.

3. Discuss what children read

Discussing what children read can be called verbal processing. This helps your child to remember and think about the themes of the book. Ask questions before, during, and after the session to encourage reading comprehension.… Read More