Kids Programs at the World of Kidtropolis

There is a new and exciting play place in town for the entire family (especially for kids). It is the perfect area for children’s imaginations to run wild as they discover various play structures and buildings located in Kidtropolis. As soon as children walk into the playhouse, they can tell that it was carefully designed for children to explore and move around, using their pretending and wild imagination.

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The area is built like a kid-sized or small city, with every structure and business people can think of. One minute, kids may be filling up their “cars” at gas stations and then drive off to the local fire station. Or maybe they want to fly away on airplane trips and return home and do the dishes or tend to their gardens.

One of the biggest highlights of Kidtropolis is its indoor playground. It is good to know that shoes are not permitted in these places, and kids are required to wear socks. Cubbies are also provided where shoes can be placed. Parents will live with the idea that all the bottom of their slides is padded – an excellent move that makes for softer landings, as well as lessens parents’ worries as their kids zoom up and down these slides.

For more details about playground safety, click on this site for details.

Going to the establishment is always an all-day outing. Experts recommend arriving at the opening to make the most out of the time and going on weekdays if parents are able. This place is very popular during the weekends, and the entrance fee is always discounted on weekdays.

While bringing food is not permitted, their food court has all sorts of fun and healthy food options readily available for purchase. Food is not allowed in play areas, and Kidtropolis appreciated the tidy and clean play space. There is a huge seating area near their café. These places are excellent spots for independent pretend plays. People will be amazed to see what kinds of adventures their kids get up to while there, and they will find them asking to go back as soon as they reach home. Listed below are services offered Kidtropolis is offering, as well as simple guidelines to follow.

Birthday parties

  • Guests can use party rooms for their activities for two hours
  • There are party hosts readily available to assist customers with setup and cleanup of the place
  • The package includes a cake cutting knife, plates, napkins, and cutlery
  • Additional kids can be added to the package at a small rate
  • Additional adults may get additional charges
  • Children under the age of two are free of charge and are excluded from the total count of children attending the party
  • A twelve percent gratuity will be immediately added to all bookings
  • A fifty percent non-refundable deposit is needed to confirm bookings. If the party is canceled because of Public Health Orders, these deposits can be transferred or kept on credits or transferred to gift cards; refund requests are processed subject to $50 processing fees
  • Canceling bookings with less than seventy-two hours’ notice will forfeit deposits
  • Party entertainers like balloon twisters, superheroes, princesses, and face painters are readily available.
  • No outside drinks or food are permitted; exceptions are nut-free cakes or cupcakes for pre-booked party events
  • Outside food that is nut-free is permitted for private parities
  • Amazing looking and delicious cupcakes and cakes can be easily ordered from cake partners
  • Cakes and cupcakes can only be stored in their refrigerator if there is space available
  • People should bring their own cooler to make sure their pastries are adequately stored
  • Always remember that Kidtropolis don’t have freezer space for the customer’s ice cream cakes
  • Food is ordered from the establishment
  • Decorations are allowed, but the establishment prohibits party hosts from taping them to the wall
  • All guests, both kids, and adults, are required to wear socks to enter sliding and soft play areas

How to host birthday parties during the pandemic? Visit to find out more.

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Nerf parties

  • The cost of a nerf party is around $500 for ten players plus goods and services tax
  • The usual private party terms apply
  • The two-hour party package includes ready access to party room areas
  • Additional nerf blasters can be added for $34 per player plus goods and service tax
  • The structure can accommodate up to twenty-five players and a maximum of fifty total guests
  • Guests can conveniently and easily order food and drinks from the establishment’s catering menu
  • Additional hours can be added for extra charges
  • Nerf games will include blasters, ammo, and eye protection
  • The minimum age of players is eight years old
  • Facilitators will properly host games
  • Each round lasts around ten to fifteen minutes
  • An automatic twelve percent gratuity will be added to after-hour events

Seasonal camps

  • Attendees are asked to dress comfortably and adequately with loose or casual clothes appropriate for various camp games. Campers need to wear masks for safety purposes. Always remember that wearing socks is required because there are games that will be held in the jungle gym.
  • The establishment will be open five minutes before the camp starts. Parents are responsible for making sure that campers are in the establishment on time. Late fees will be applied at a rate of ten dollars for every ten minutes or a one-dollar increment for additional minutes.
  • Campers need to bring their own water bottles, lunch, and nut-free snacks. The establishment will have meal options, and campers can choose to be in the program
  • Make-up times for camps are not allowed.

Kids’ field trips

Field trips like the Richmond summer camp complement educational classes by encouraging kids to use their imagination properly and freely, develop social and sensory skills, learn more about the community around them, as well as have fun while doing these things.

  • The cost of these field trips is fifteen dollars plus goods and service tax per child with adults within a ratio included one adult to four students ratio included in admission prices. Additional fees for adults may apply.
  • At least two to three hours per visit and pre-booking are needed
  • These trips are only available from Monday to Friday
  • Visitors are allowed to bring in their own packed lunches (nut-free)
  • Lunch packages are readily available for orders. Pre-orders and confirmations of attendees are required one week before the planned events