Safe Solution to Get Rid of Pests in Your Home

Safe Solution to Get Rid of Pests in Your Home

Household pests are an important part of the food chain and ecosystem. The problem is if they are present and enter our daily lives and disrupt and cause illness. The existence of chemicals that are offered on the market comes as a quick solution to control pests, but the impact is not necessarily safe for the health of the human body. if you experience pest problems and need help you can contact S.W.A.T, pest control service. S.W.A.T, pest control service is the biggest commercial pest control brisbane in Australia.

Ants, cockroaches, and mice are examples of household pests that are most common in homes. To get rid of these home pests, you need to know several ways to control pests that are safe (non-toxic). This method is the best way to prevent pests, besides being non-toxic to humans, this method is at the same time environmentally friendly. Here is the Safe Solution to Get Rid of Pests in Your Home.


Almost every house generally has ants, which are home pests that come when there is sugar scattered or during the summer. Use cornflour to get rid of ants. Ants cannot digest corn flour and are certainly environmentally friendly and safe for the health of you and your family.

Vegetable oil

Sticky vegetable oil is now considered the best way to control household pests that are safe/non-toxic. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil into a flat plate or apply on the outside surface of a plastic bag that has been blown. Flies, mosquitoes and other insects will be attracted to the smell of vegetable oil. the tide in a closed position around the dish/food, so that when flies will go to the area around the dish they will be trapped in a sticky and dead oil surface.

Garlic and Cloves

Garlic does not only function to expel vampires, as told by films. Garlic is also used as a safe/non-toxic household pest controller, which repels ants and cockroaches. All you have to do is attach a few cloves of garlic. You can also use cloves. If the aroma of garlic and cloves have faded/disappeared, replace them with fresh ones, so it is effective in driving out ants and cockroaches.

Boric acid

One of the best ways to control household pests that are non-toxic and capable of killing fleas/insects at home is by mixing boric acid with flour. This mixture must be sprinkled over moist areas and have been infested with house pests, such as cockroaches, fleas, ants, mice.

Basil leave

This plant is good for our health and is also used as a safe/non-toxic pest controller, which is to get rid of mosquitoes and flies. Place fresh basil near the door to repel mosquitoes and insects.

Sweet Arum Candy / Confectionery

Brightly colored cotton candy besides being loved by children is also an attraction for mice. Use cotton candy/confectionery to trap mice and use a mousetrap tool around it.


White vinegar is used to kill small insects. Vinegar is completely safe for use around food, but it is also effective at quickly eliminating insects and ticks in the room.