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I’m 6 weeks away from having my first and so nervous concerning the newborn stage! A few months ago my mom told me “it’s okay to not love every stage your kids undergo” and that was so comforting! I have 4 nieces and nephews ages zero-5 and I think they’re a lot more enjoyable once they’re 2+. I already look forward to my baby being a little older but I know I shouldn’t wish the time away.

I hope in doing that I’ll discover the joys and absurdities in the entire ages. As a working mom it’s been a gift for me to be able to spend all day/everyday with him and really SEE him. I don’t dismiss anything he says or does as one thing he will need to have realized at daycare. I generally think infants’ cries are so grating, their sleep so erratic, and breastfeeding so painful just to harden up parents. If you possibly can survive the first few months of Baby Boot Camp with out dropping your thoughts, you can survive something—you’re like a superhero.

I love 0-1 for the many phases and changes that you can see daily. Even although my boys are actually sixteen and 19, I can recall studying to them while we rocked in the chair, sleeping with them in my mattress and all of the mommy/child bonding that is so special and life changing. I never actually imagined myself having children, however right here I am, the mom of an 18 month outdated, and I am so in love with being a mother. It worries me a little to suppose I might be a toddler person or an toddler particular person… I hope I’m a lifespan person! It isn’t all the time straightforward and I am definitely not good, however I try to simply meet him the place he’s at every single day and soak it all in.

He was so surreal and came out with the weirdest issues, whereas the older youngsters (up to age 12) had been so lovely, fun to play with, thinking about everything. I don’t have a desire to have youngsters – I love kids but am fully detached about proudly owning them, which I suppose means I shouldn’t take it on. As a lot as I don’t have a urgent want to boost kids, of course from time to time I assume how amusing our children would be or issues like that, however I know that’s not legitimate reasoning to have them. However, the bigger thing that gets me questioning myself (and I notice how selfish this is) is the scary thought that if we don’t have kids, I could have nobody to care for me in previous age. We have some older friends who don’t have kids, and seeing that their lives are pleased and fulfilled is reassuring.

I’d like to hear more from people who find themselves retirement-age and who selected to be child-free. I spent the first yr of my son’s life full of nervousness due to that ticking time bomb feeling. It was so onerous and I felt like there was one thing wrong with ME for feeling this way.