Why you should take care of your kid’s skins and how to do it

Some parents were not taught about beauty or fashion; they had to learn about them in their adult years when they saw how important these concepts are in their lives. However, the trend does not have to continue. You can make a change by creating a good skincare routine for your children early in their lives and teach them about beauty. Here is why you should take care of your kid’s skin:

It will help prevent acne and wrinkles

It is rare for little kids to battle acne and wrinkles at a young age, but taking care of their skin at such age will prevent it when they are older. Their skin will not be pristine forever; if you want to maintain their natural beauty for long, then you should have a skincare routine for them. Also, either young or old, no one likes wrinkles. They are not cute and most people even feel irritated by them. The more you take care of your children’s skin, the more you reduce their chances of getting wrinkles.

It will help them look younger as they grow older

Everybody loves it when their face betrays their age in a good way. Adding your kids’ skincare routine to yours might look like a waste of resources and time, but in the long run, they will thank you for doing that for them. When their mates start to age and the years are taking their toll on them, your kids will still look like their prime. Also, you would be saving a lot of money in the long run. Imagine how much your kids will spend to cover up the flaws on their skin because you neglected their skin and left it to disrepair. It is your choice to make: would you rather invest in your kids’ skincare or watch them grow up to spend a huge amount of money on products that will only damage their skin further?

It will help them build their self-confidence

Even though it has been so much touted that confidence is an inside job, your external appearance also matters in making you confident. The two work hand in hand. Great skin will boost your kids’ self-esteem and reduce their insecurities. You will not need to go unspeakable, avoidable miles just to make your skin presentable because you are a natural beauty. As their skin glow, their confidence rises beyond compare. Do not make the mistake of leaving your kids’ skin to chance. Start to invest in good skincare for them now.

Here is how to take care of your kids’ skins:

Use the right products

There are lots of personal care products for children in the market but not all are safe to use. You must avoid products that contain chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. Most children’s skins are sensitive, so you can target dermatologically tested, sensitive skincare products for kids. Read labels before you pick anything from the shelf. Also, use mild soaps to wash their faces. A mild soap will prevent their faces from getting dry or red. The best water to use for washing their face in lukewarm water. Hot water will disrupt the natural oils in your kid’s skin. You can read about Luxplus to know if you can get the right skincare products for your kids from the company.

Moisturize their skin

You must moisturize your kid’s skin. Letting their skin get dry will cause irritations and many other skin conditions. Avoid bathing your kids with water. Do not scrub their skin too hard, use a sponge or soft washcloth gently on their skin. Saltwater or chlorine can cause skin irritation, so ensure that your kids take their bath after swimming. Use a gentle moisturizer on their skin as well.

Give them healthy foods and water

A lot of parents fall into the trap of indulging their children with junk food most times because they do not have the time to cook or because their kids have a sweet tooth. If your kids are not eating lots of whole cereals, fresh foods, fruits, veggies, proteins, etc. you are shortchanging them. it not only affects their physical health but their skin as well. Healthy foods will provide them with healthy bodies and radiant skin since what you eat is what you are. Also, encourage your kids to take water more than any other drink. Replace the juices with artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks with water. You can spice the water with citrus fruits so that it will be tastier. Ensure they drink enough water especially during hot seasons. Dehydration not only causes serious health issues but dry skin as well. Your kids should only live in two liquids: water and milk.

Take note of the seasons

The way you care for your kids’ skin varies to some extent with different seasons. For instance, if it is winter and your kids want to play in the snow, you should protect their skin by covering their hands and faces so that the wind does not cause them to burn. You can also apply some sunscreen; the air is usually dry and the rays of the sun can still cause sunburn. During summer and spring, the sun is at its peak. It is very important to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before your child heads out. Cover all the exposed areas. This will guard against ageing and skin cancer. You should also get them the right clothing for the right season including thick clothes during the winter. You can read about online children winter clothes to know where to buy winter clothes for your kids and which type of winter clothes are the best.

Get a dermatologist to treat special skin conditions

If you notice your child has a skin condition, try finding out the cause and treat it.  For instance, rashes could be caused by heat; so it simply means you find ways to reduce the heat in your home and allow more coolness. But if the skin condition is still persistent after treating it, get a professional on board. Do not attempt to treat it with anything you can get. You may scar your child for life. A dermatologist is in the best position to tell you what to do.